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Storage Space

If you're looking for highly secure, affordable storage units then you've come to the right place.  Storage Space have a range of storage units where you can store anything and everything in a convenient and safe location, all at an extremely affordable price. Self-storage has become an essential for many people not just for moving home, but at any time. If you want storage space to be with a company you can trust and in a secure location, then hire with us and that's what you'll get. Our prices are excellent too. Phone 020 8746 4354 and find out straight away just how cheap we are.

Self Storage Solutions

It's perhaps when you're moving home that our self-storage units really show how useful they are. Often when you're relocating, you have a number of household items you don't know what to do with. You can sell some items, give away others to the charity shop, you can even throw things away. Yet, you'll still be left with a lot of items you want to keep for either sentimental or practical reasons. If you don't have space in your new home, then secure and affordable self-storage is the answer.

You can  hire our London storage facilities for a long or as short a time as you want. We also have a range of storage units, large and small, so you can find the storage space which is just right for you. When you hire storage space in London from us, you know you'll be receiving a quality product.
You'll find after time, as with many of our long-standing clients, that you can't live without having secure self-storage.


What helps make our self-storage that little bit better is our staff are very friendly and helpful. We believe that when it comes to customer service, nothing should be too much trouble. We'll try our utmost to accommodate any requirements you need, so you receive excellent customer service as well as customised storage space.

If you've never considered storage space before then you really should. You won't find better storage facilities at a cheaper rate than ours. We know, it's also vital to have peace of mind when you're hiring storage space. Security was top of our priorities when deciding which storage units we would choose for our valued customers. 

Being an established and well-loved removal firm in London, we feel we have certain standards to maintain. We believe our storage units continue that tradition. They continue our reputation for reliability, quality and price. Your belongings couldn't be in a safer place than within our storage space. You can pick up or drop off your items at any time. We take care of security and access, yet once you hire a storage unit, we want you to think of your own storage space as your own space. Privacy is another consideration you'll get with us, something you may not get elsewhere.

Another popular use for our London storage facilities is office clearances. Why pay more to store your office or business contents in a less secure, more expensive location elsewhere? We have storage units large enough  for your office and business contents to be packed away safely and securely all in one place.

Affordable Storage Units

So if you're looking for excellent, affordable storage space in London, then hire one of our fantastic storage units. You will see for yourself, just how good, inexpensive and convenient they are. At our amazing prices, you'll wonder why you never thought of us before. Phone 020 8746 4354  and we'll give you a free quote. For price, quality and convenience, storage units from Storage Space are the best in London.

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