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About Storage Space

As a removal company that is focused on its customers, Storage Space believes in the interdependency principle, meaning that we depend on you as much as you depend on us. So, in this line of thinking, it becomes clear that we are bound together around one goal, which is a successful removal of any kind. This, on the other hand, puts us in a position where we have to give the best we can to satisfy your requirements to the highest level possible. In the end, what’s most important for both sides is your safe relocation because thus you’ll have your belongings seamlessly moved and we’ll get your approval, which is exactly what we need.

We strive for a certain level of success, and for this we have to thank you, again. You as our customers are what keeps us in the relocation business, and we deeply appreciate your support. Don’t think for a second that we take you for granted! We do realize that in order to keep you on our side, we have to try hard and to apply a customer-friendly approach. This is no trouble for us at all. In fact, we enjoy it because it gives us the opportunity to be closer to your opinion and to actually hear it. Feedback plays a key role for the improvement of our services and the better understanding of your needs.


Our employees are selected carefully since they are the connection between our company and you. That’s why they have to be trustworthy and well-mannered, and you can rest assured that they truly are. The experience of our specialists gives them the necessary qualification to cope with any removal situation, even the most difficult one. And by difficult we mean something that seems complicated for a removal expert who is a professional. If to you a situation looks impossible to handle, to us it can be something easy to manage. So here is one of the advantages of hiring a moving company – your move can be done fast because no time in wondering how to approach a certain relocation problem will be wasted.

Full-service Storage Company

Another fundamental principle that Storage Space follows is to always try to be flexible in the services it provides. This is an essential point because of the severe competitions in the relocation field in the UK. Running a business like ours is based on cooperation with customers and knowing what actions to take when it’s time for a change. If we want to make progress, we have no other choice but to comply with the demands of the market, which actually represents your needs. This is done only for your satisfaction because, as we already mentioned, the communication with you will lead to optimization of our services, which on its own closes the circle by leading to satisfaction. So, having pleased customers is both a starting and an ending point in what we do. We begin there when we want to receive positive recommendations and finish there again when you are pleased with the final result of your move. Our company believes that assigning the people who hire us a central place in the moving process is the right approach, and we intend to follow it.

So, let’s work together for the successful future of both you, as customers, and us, as a company. Whether you’re moving your house or office in the same town, in another one or abroad, there’s always an easy way to do it and this is our way. Removal services like packing and storage are also something we are very familiar with. So if you consider availing of them together or separately, this is the number you should call: 020 8746 4354.


Storage Space is here to provide you with the best removal and storage services in the UK. Our company has grown over the years to accommodate all sorts of moving and storage issues, and because of our years of experience and knowledge of removals, we can help you to get the easiest move of your life! Pick up the phone and call us today to find out more information and to hire us for your removal or storage needs!

Our commitment to our clients

Our commitment to our clients

At our company, we’re dedicated to providing the best service imaginable for all of our clients and customers. When you hire our services, you won’t just get top-quality help with your move, but you’ll also get the expert advice of our professional movers, as well as other fantastic perks, such as flexible working times and availability on evenings and weekends! You’re guaranteed to love our services, and the help that we can provide for you, so if you want help with storage solutions or moving to a new home, we’re the only company in London you need to call!

Our commitment to the environment

Our commitment to the environment

Moving to a new house can cause a lot of problems for the environment. The use of removal vans and even how your packing supplies are disposed of can have a negative impact on the environment, but with our company we’ll handle everything in the greenest and most eco-friendly way possible. Our company is here to ensure that your carbon footprint stays at a minimum when you move.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction

Our commitment to customer satisfaction

There are lots of things that our company can do for you to ensure that you’re more than satisfied with our services. Not only can you get a free price quote for your service, but you can also enjoy the perks of having no hidden fees, competitive rates and a customer satisfaction guarantee! Our low-cost services make us one of the most popular choices of removal and storage companies, not just in London, but within the whole of the UK too!


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You’re guaranteed to be more than impressed with what our company and our friendly movers and storage experts can do for you. Call us now on 020 8746 4354 to find out more and to hire us for your moving day!

We ensure that all of our staff follow the guidelines set by the National Guild of Movers and Storers.

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