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There are so many items you can store somewhere outside your home because you don’t want to clutter it with too much belongings to such an extent that when you look at a room from a distance, it looks way too unpleasant and irritating to the eye. You live there and notice it, so what’s left for your guests that come to visit you periodically – this disorder will be the first thing they will catch sight of. If you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of them, you’ll have to find a solution better than throwing the unnecessary or unwanted items in the garage to a level when you won’t be able to enter it, let alone find something in there. This can be an option until you realize that your garage is covered up with such stuff that even you don’t know what it is. You’ve reached the full capacity of space in the premises that was originally supposed to shelter your car. Instead of running your car into the garage to protect it from the weather conditions or from being stolen, you voluntarily deprived yourself of that just because you didn’t have the common sense to get rid of everything obsolete and to go through the other items with the presumption to leave only the ones you’re sure will be used in the future.


Storage Space knows exactly what you need in such a case, and that’s our self-storage services. You can use them not only for the old possessions that you don’t intend on using and have nowhere to put but also for the ones you feel personally attached to but can’t keep at home. Items that aren’t used on an everyday basis, such as skis, beach chairs and umbrellas, can go there as well just not to stand in your way. Since you get a unit of your own with a key and a permanent access to it whenever you need to, you can always drop in and take something, no questions asked.

Storage Space

You could avail of our Storage Units if you sold your old house and bought a new one, but you can’t move in just yet. So, you’re left with piles of possessions that you have nowhere to put between the time of moving out and moving in. Storage Space can offer you a wise decision which is to store them in our facility for as long as you have to. We guarantee that not a single thing will get lost, dirty or damaged. And when the time to settle in your new home comes, you can pick your items up and arrange them however you want there.

Self-Storage is also useful for students that are going back to their parents just for the summer. The idea is to leave their belongings in the town where they study instead of moving them to and fro. Since students are not allowed to leave possessions in the dormitory, storing them in our units will be a great option.

And if you have too much stuff to store that you can’t put all of it in your car and drive it yourself, you can take advantage of our man and van service combined with the storing one. Our removalists will come at the right hour, load everything quickly and thoroughly, and transport it to our facility saving you the hassle of having to think of ways to haul them yourself.

A possible self-storage of your possessions in our units leads to their security and prevents them from being damaged because they were forgotten in the wettest and darkest place of your home under piles of other stuff. We can protect them, but first, you have to call us on 020 8746 4354.

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