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Storage Space.


  • T. Sutcliffe

    15May 2024

    My experience was entirely relaxed and straightforward, from touring the facility to deciding on an ideal unit size.

  • Alexis Lawson

    22Apr 2024

    From start to finish, Storage Space London provided unparalleled service, showing great attention to detail in tailoring their quote for my specific needs.

  • Harry S.

    11Apr 2024

    The efficiency and professionalism shown in delivering this service were exceptional.

  • B. Purnell

    01Apr 2024

    Professional yet approachable assistance at fantastic rates.

  • Ernest Johnston

    17Jan 2024

    We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with Storage Space London for storage requirements. The team's professionalism and helpfulness were exceptional.

  • M. Mayers

    05Dec 2023

    Fast and safe service, plus a handy position.

  • Larry Piper

    15Nov 2023

    Utilizing a perfect system, this storage facility has an unblemished appearance to ensure renting a unit is trouble-free and without complications.

  • Jamie Lanerly

    03Jul 2023

    Moving items between storage units is no simple task; luckily enough though we had the help of this amazing team throughout this process! Everything was explained clearly and quickly each time we called upon them for help - proving they truly go above and beyond making sure customers' transition is hassle-free!

  • Dina S.

    19May 2023

    If you're looking for an economical option for a storage unit, go with StorageSpace, as they offer about half of what their competitors charge.

  • Thos Bothaw

    09May 2023

    The units available at Storage Company are in spectacular condition, and their prices are incredibly reasonable as well. Incredible facility!

  • Alicia Smith

    27Apr 2023

    We recently downsized our living space, requiring us to find a place for select furniture to be stored away - Storage Company, with all its rave reviews, seemed like an optimal choice. Visiting their facility made clear why so many people left positive reviews, as it was immaculate, taken care of impeccably while still offering discounts and the lowest rates around.

  • I. Pickering

    22Feb 2023

    All praises go out to the team at Storage Space London! To say that they have been professional is an understatement; from start to finish they have been incredibly helpful in ensuring that all my needs are met. Not only that but also the site is extremely well secured, neat, and easy to access, perfect for those who need temporary storage solutions like myself - definitely using their services once again soon!

  • Ana D.

    05Mar 2019

    I checked out one of their storage rooms and made a booking right away. Storage Space offered me the perfect storage solution.

  • Freddie S.

    18Feb 2019

    I used Storage Space Hire for mobile self-storage and I couldn't have been happier!

  • S. Lowes

    04Jan 2019

    In my eyes, Storage Space are the best for mobile storage. They're cheap and their units are perfect for storing any items.

  • K. Adams

    14Dec 2018

    I was moving house, was having some building work done in my new place, so instead of moving all of my possessions right away, I needed to move everything into a storage facility. I was a little apprehensive at first, anxious about prices and the safety of my possessions. But I did my research, called Storage Space London, and everything they said put my mind at rest right away. They gave me a great quote, and the facility was exactly what I wanted. My items are still there. I'm certainly going to recommend this company.

  • Suzie Wells

    19Nov 2018

    I knew nothing about storage facilities so spent ages asking questions to the staff at London Storage Company, and they took time to answer even the stupid ones and really took care of me. A wonderful customer experience all round.

  • Ann

    25Oct 2018

    When my partner and I separated I had no idea where to store all my stuff so was looking for self storage and London Storage Company were just so helpful and affordable. It made a very stressful time a little bit easier.

  • Gloria Finn

    12Sep 2018

    A friend suggested I use London Storage Space for storage when we moved house and I'm glad I did. So much easier to work through stuff when it's not at the house!

  • Diana

    03Aug 2018

    I have used their services for more than a year and everything has been excellent so far. Would definitely recommend Storage Space London!

  • A. Williams

    23Jul 2018

    Cheap storage space, great customer service.

  • David

    12Jul 2018

    Excellent! This is the most reliable service around!

  • S. Watts

    18Jun 2018

    I got a safe storage option when I used London Storage Space. It was just what I was after.

  • Hamish W.

    07Jun 2018

    Their storage rooms were spacious and kept clean and secure. What's more, Storage Space Hire offered me good prices. It was a no-brainer booking with this company.

  • Russell J.

    15May 2018

    Storage facilities need to be secure. I knew theirs was as soon as I set eyes on it. I felt comfortable leaving everything at their facility. Storage Space Hire certainly know a thing or two about storage.

  • Angela M.

    05Apr 2018

    I found secure storage at a cheap price with London Storage Space. It was just the type of service that I was after.

  • Alan M.

    18Mar 2018

    I needed to store my items somewhere but was more preoccupied with secure storage. I found that in Storage Space London.

  • Ian M.

    05Feb 2018

    I had a mobile self storage unit delivered to my home with London Storage Space. The size and condition of the unit was exactly what I wanted, what we'd discussed. It did the job and provided a great solution to my home storage needs.

  • K. Hope

    12Jan 2018

    I needed a storage facility I could trust. I did my research and found that Storage Company was the best option.

  • Nathan G.

    05Dec 2017

    I enquired about hiring a unit from London Storage Company. Their storage rooms were perfect, and I booked with them right away.

  • Rebecca Kennedy

    27Nov 2017

    I needed somewhere secure to store my old treadmill and other gym equipment. I was fed up looking at them collecting dust and they had been an eyesore for too long, so I called London Storage Space to see if they could fix the problem. Their storage rooms were exactly what I needed, and they were very helpful over the phone. Also, the storage didn't cost me all that much, which was a great surprise.

  • Stacy Peters

    11Oct 2017

    I can't thank this company enough for taking this stuff off my hands. My home was becoming a total mess, and frankly for the past few weeks it kind of was. London Storage Space and their storage units have finally sorted this out for me, so I can now finally begin to enjoy my home again.

  • Fred J.

    12Sep 2017

    When I needed a storage service that could handle all the junk that had built up in my garage over the past decade, Storage Space were the perfect solution. The prices were cheaper than every other company I looked into and the actual storage is top class. My things are now safe and I now have some great free garage space. A quick and easy solution. Thanks again!

  • T. Miller

    04Aug 2017

    The security of my goods was something that I was worried about. I did not know where to leave my stuff and have a peace of mind knowing that they were secure. After a long conversation with my friend, he recommended using storage space from Storage Space. I decided to go with this company, and I can say that the security they offered was even more than that I expected.

  • S. Gordon

    22Jul 2017

    Good customer service, excellent prices, safe and secure storage units, the list is endless. I would never use another storage service but that of Storage Space Hire.

  • R. Bailey

    03Jul 2017

    The staff at Storage Space is friendly. I was helped to get a self storage unit that suited my needs very fast. Despite the fact that I reached to the facility late, they still stayed to help me unload and arrange my unit.

  • E. Baker

    09Jun 2017

    I have always felt guilty of not reviewing Storage Space for their services. I kept my possessions in their storage space a year ago, and I can't tell you of a problem I encountered with them. Their facility is clean, pest-free, and I got my goods back the same way I left them. Another plus of this company is the fact that I had access to the facility at the time I needed.

  • O. Price

    16May 2017

    I have never used self storage before. Thought that I would get a rough time trying to connect where to start, but the staff was accommodating. They guided me through the whole process, and I left Storage Space assured that my stuff was safe. Highly recommend.

  • R. Dixon

    05Apr 2017

    I thought of using a storage facility as an option to break my bank. I resisted getting a unit for my possessions, but I had no other choice than renting space from Storage Space. Contrary to my belief paying a high amount, the charge was reasonable. Even better, my stuff fitted so well, and I had enough space to manoeuvre through when I wanted.

  • Edward

    31Mar 2017

    London Storage Company offered me a great deal on self storage. Did not regret taking advantage of it! Thank you!

  • Emily

    14Mar 2017

    Wonderful storage service! The price was more than reasonable! Would hire Storage Space Hire for sure.

  • Oliver

    16Feb 2017

    Hired their self storage service and saved some cash. London Storage Company offered me a discount and made the service more than affordable!

  • D. Reynolds

    24Jan 2017

    Cheap and reliable! Couldn't have asked for more! Would definitely recommend Storage Space London!

  • Adam M.

    09Dec 2016

    London Storage Space cannot be beat on price! I did a research and their self storage units are offered at the cheapest prices in London.

  • Callie E.

    03Oct 2016

    Storage Services made renting a self storage unit very easy. It was fast to book and they had lots of options which were all properly and thoroughly explained so I could make the best decision. The price was very affordable and the staff all very friendly. It was good value for money and the rental plans were very flexible!

  • Ruth Taylor

    31Aug 2016

    I was decorating my home and needed some domestic storage for all of my items. Storage Company provided me with an excellent unit which was very spacious and perfect for my furniture and stuff. It's great to know that all of your things are safely stored. I will definitely use this service again!

  • Brian Crane

    27Jul 2016

    I used a storage unit from Storage Space for only a week but it is well worth giving it a good review. I had no problem booking the unit right for me or using it. I was free to place my goods inside, visit when needed and retrieve items when necessary. Everything about this was incredible and I can't rate them high enough.

  • Ben W.

    27May 2016

    Renting a self storage unit from Storage Company was a great experience! I didn't have any trouble finding a space of the right size and the price was really good. 10/10 from me, would recommend to a friend!

  • Todd Barnet

    26Apr 2016

    I've had self storage units in the past that haven't lived up to expectation and haven't been as secure as I had hoped. Decided to try StorageSpace this time and have been mightily impressed with what they offer. Not only are the guys very professional and approachable but the units are really great quality and unquestionably secure too. Massive thank you to you all for helping me out at such a stressful time.

  • Jane

    15Feb 2016

    I rented a storage room from StorageSpace to store some surplus home contents and I got a great service. Their rooms are dry and clean and cheap. The storage is safe and has fancy electronic systems monitoring around the clock. It is easily accessible, so I can crop off extra items or collect them whenever I want. A brilliant service for the money.

  • Kenny Larson

    02Dec 2015

    StorageSpace supplied a great packing service at a good cost when I was moving house. The packers did a great job for a low cost. The packing materials came in with the cost and saved me a lot of hassle. Thanks!

  • Lee E.

    17Nov 2015

    We had a big house move on our hands which would take us two days to complete due to the location and amount of items that we have. After ringing around for a decent quote I came across Storage Space Hire. They sounded so much more confident in what they were doing than the other firms that I had spoken to. The quote was spot on and the gentleman who came around to survey our house was extremely professional. The removal men were a fantastic bunch of lads. Nice and easy move. Cheers!

  • Michelle

    12Oct 2015

    I was thrilled with the packing and unpacking service I hired from Storage Space. I had moved several times and this time I wanted it done more quickly and that meant hiring more help. Paying the small cost for the packing and unpacking was certainly worth it. The staff used good quality materials that kept my things safe whilst on the move.

  • Megan Magner

    02Oct 2015

    I highly recommend the movers at Storage Space London as they were very professional and reliable recently when I relocated from my old home and moved into my new flat. I was very worried about the move but this company made the whole process very easy indeed, I am very impressed with their teamwork, prices and professionalism.

  • Pier W.

    24Sep 2015

    I needed furniture and other household goods moved to our holiday home. The only time this was going to be possible for my family and me was during the school summer holidays and I knew it would cost slightly more during this period. However, the quote StorageSpace gave me was very reasonable and fair. Our items were to be delivered the day after we arrived at our holiday home and I must say they were an hour earlier than expected. The removal guys were very hard working and did not stop despite the heat. I had a very good experience with this agency and I have already booked them for our office move next month.

  • Reece G.

    03Sep 2015

    When I found out I needed to move my entire office to a new property, I was a little cynical when I was reading about the excellent service that Storage Company promises on their website. Many other removals firms I had checked out wouldn't touch such a huge job, but these guys didn't hesitate to arrange a survey when I described the move over the phone. From there, everything was a breeze. The strict professionalism the movers employed, combined with their exceptionally friendly attitudes, ensured that my business wasn't inactive for any longer than was necessary.

  • Susan W.

    25Aug 2015

    I don't usually go to the trouble of posting reviews, but I simply had to extend my thanks to everyone at Storage Company who helped make my house move run as smoothly as possible. Everyone was friendly and eager to let me know what was going on, and this great emphasis on customer care didn't impede on their speed and professionalism. This wasn't the first time I'd had to hire a removals company, and I've learned to expect something dodgy and unprofessional. These movers have gotten rid of those prejudices now, and I've already recommended them to several of my friends!

  • Lauren

    17Aug 2015

    Moving to my new office was really easy with the help of the movers from Storage Space London! I did a lot of research to find a company that had office moving services that were within my budget, and this one ticked all the boxes with their professional staff and low prices. They handled my office goods with care and sticking to the timeframe wasn't a problem. A fantastic service!

  • Donald S.

    03Aug 2015

    Storage Services is a very professional company and they excel at the work they do. They were courteous and very hard working with strong knowledge of what they do. The day of the move passed extremely smoothly. All our items were placed in the correct rooms and the team finished quicker than anticipated. A friend has already booked them for her move next month after being impressed with the service we received.

  • Danielle K.

    24Jul 2015

    My business partner and I relocated our office space to a larger workshop within the local area. I was concerned about our specialist equipment, especially as it is expensive, fragile, and any breakages would halt our business for some time. Storage Space put my worries to rest and handled our items as if they were their own. Efficient, professional and gave me so much confidence to let them get on with the job. It was a huge relief for me the way they made the move stress free and quick.

  • Cyntia Klasse

    14Jul 2015

    78. I was dreading moving home but I was dreading the packing even more. My friend told me that London Storage Space had a good range of moving services that included packing! I couldn't wait to call them and get a price and when I did, I had them move me too! What a great company.

  • Alex James

    03Jul 2015

    We all know that relocating is difficult, no matter whether it is to a new home or to a new commercial property. I was so worried about how I would deal with everything, as the last time I had moved, I was a first time buyer and had little to move with. This time was different because I had a decade's worth of stuff to relocate with me to my new home. A colleague recommended Storage Services and I am so thankful that they did. The company worked fast and effectively to ensure that my relocation went by smoothly for me and without any hiccups along the way. All of my belongings arrived safely. I am overall really happy with the service.

  • S. Anders

    22Jun 2015

    Moving home can be really daunting but if you use Storage Company you'll find they are so professional that it's really not that hard at all. They can even help you put together a moving checklist so that you're organised ahead of the day. These are the guys that know exactly what they're doing.

  • Jeremy S.

    12Jun 2015

    I bought a load of furniture from a friend of my parents after they downsized their home. At the time I paid for it, I wasn't sure how I was going to get it home but dad suggested I call London Storage Company. I took his advice and I'm really glad I did. It didn't cost me much more at all to have them deliver my new furniture to my house. Bargains all round!

  • Sandra F.

    03Jun 2015

    When my elderly mother moved into a residential home, I helped her sell her household furniture. One buyer more or less bought the lot and so as part of the price I organised a van from London Storage Space to take the items to the buyer's home. The price was an absolute bargain which meant my mother was able to profit more from the transaction. A great removals company!

  • Mila Evens

    26May 2015

    Only Storage Space London could have managed the move my office faced. We were all busy getting ready for the move and yet, things were taking too long. To get things back on track we hired the removal firm so that they could help us with everything. Their extra help and know-how helped us greatly, and their resources ensured a smooth move. From expert staff to spacious moving vehicles, they had everything we needed.

  • Carl Hanson

    15May 2015

    Only Storage Space Hire were able to provide the moving vehicles I needed. They sent a couple of vans so that all my belongings could be safely conveyed to my new home. The team carried and loaded goods on and off, so there were no accidents. A good service.

  • J.T.

    08May 2015

    I've moved around quite a lot with work over the years. I've done it so many times in fact that it doesn't phase me anymore. I know exactly who to call and that's London Storage Space. I have used them on several occasions and they never let me down. They know exactly what they're doing and so they get on with it. The price is always good but the service even better. It's not worth getting stressed out about your house move when you can get such a great job done at a really low cost. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone planning a house move.

  • Dave R.

    01May 2015

    If you are looking for a great local removals company, I want to recommend Storage Company. Not only did they give me the lowest quote for the job but on the day, they gave me a really professional service. I was very impressed at how they got on with the job while I was able to get on with other things related to the move. As most people, I had a lot on my plate that day and so it was great not to have to worry about the physical move part. I didn't have to supervise or make loads of cups of tea. They were like a whirlwind through the property and it was emptied in no time! At the other end, my items were placed in the right rooms which saved me a lot of time when it came to unpacking.

  • William

    27Apr 2015

    London Storage Space is one of the best professional services I have come across so far. I am highly satisfied with their professionalism and customer service. They really helped me a lot during my home removal. I have slight disability that inhibits my movement and these guys didn't leave anything to me and did everything that needed to be done on their own. Lovely experience!

  • Josephine

    17Apr 2015

    If you have pets at home, home removal is going to be a nightmare. I am big on doing my things on my own; however, with my 4 cats and 2 dogs, it was impossible to think about packing, sorting, cleaning, lifting, etc. So, I placed a call to Storage Company and everything was done so efficiently and neatly that I didn't even need to clean after the removal.

  • Phillip T.

    02Apr 2015

    Finally I've found a reliable removals service! I often move around, and though I always use moving companies I've never found one as dependable as this one. The service I received was courteous and professional, the movers were great to work with and the care taken with my items was greatly appreciated! I can't recommend Storage Space Hire enough, and it was a fairly cheap service too!

  • Joyce K.

    24Mar 2015

    I had a lot of items for my move so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get everything safely transported. This wouldn't be a problem, however, because Storage Space provided the help I needed. I was able to book the larger vehicles necessary so that no item would be left behind. The flexibility they offered guaranteed I got the move I required and they did everything effectively and safely.

  • Bianca Gill

    17Mar 2015

    I was a student coming to study in the UK and needed some help moving my possessions into my new accommodation. The hassle that came from moving abroad and living in a new country was far more than I expected, that's why I will be eternally grateful to the team at StorageSpace for helping me make the transition a whole lot easier.

  • Chris Arnold

    06Mar 2015

    The moving vehicle London Storage Company used was perfectly suited for my move. It was safe and reliable, so all my goods were driven quickly to my new address. I was able to get the vehicles I needed, so my belongings were all taken to my new address. I am happy with the service I received and would rate them highly.

  • Anne Evans

    25Feb 2015

    I was extremely happy with the student moving service I used recently when my daughter left home to go to college. London Storage Company did a great job at really fair costs. I had a very good experience and would certainly use them again.

  • Paul H.

    16Feb 2015

    I've only ever had to move a handful of times in my life and I'm eternally thankful for that. Not only is it stressful, but it can also be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. I wanted someone to just come in and take the job out of my hands and StorageSpace did exactly that. Truth be told, I didn't have to worry about a single thing, as from day one they handled absolutely everything. I can only commended the team for the job they did with my house removal and would truly like to say a big thank you!

  • Julia W.

    06Feb 2015

    I was moving house and wanted a reliable removal company to do most of the work as I simply didn't have time. I was passed on the name of a local company by my sister. I used London Storage Space and was very happy with the work from start to finish. I booked to have the packing done as well as the delivery and it was all competitively priced. Nothing was too much and great care was taken when packing and boxing my possessions. A truly wonderful service by a really lovely bunch of people! I would certainly pass on their number and details to anyone I know who is moving.

  • Ben T.

    30Jan 2015

    AMAZING! I made a last-minute booking with these guys and I was more than fortunate to have them free for my moving date. Storage Company proved to be more than reliable and helpful and I honestly believe everyone seeking for the same kind of services in the area should go for them. Fast, dedicated and friendly, these guys made the moving process much easier than I even expected!

  • Sue-Anne S

    23Jan 2015

    I am not the type to immediately call for professional services of all kinds as long as I can do that thing on my own. However, when I had to move out of my house, I realized that I did need help. So I went for the removals services offered by Storage Space Hire and I was not disappointed. The boys were really amazing, the customer service was great and they even offered packing and unpacking services at a very small fee. Overall, they have made my moving experience better.

  • James S.

    16Dec 2014

    As a small business owner, time is money takes on more meaning than you'll ever know. I was incredibly worried that I was going to lose out financially when it came to moving. I thought that my company would be out of action for weeks rather than days. Thankfully, Storage Space made sure that wasn't the case. Their fast moving nature and professionalism had me into my new office in no time. I can't thank the team enough for what they did, so if you're a small business on the move I recommended you give these guys a call!

  • Lisa M.

    27Nov 2014

    Moving offices was proving stressful enough on its own, without having to battle with the movers. After being left stranded by two firms already I called for Storage Services to get involved. They turned out to not only be professional, but were also clearly skilled at cleaning up the messes caused by others. They reworked my move from start to finish and got the job done far quicker than I expected. Lesson learned, don't waste time with low budget amateurs and work with these guys instead.