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What is our job ?

Here at Storage Space, our aim is to provide you with best quality removals and storage services. We want to make sure it is very simple and stress-free for you, which is why we leave it to our team of experts to help you from start to end. Our movers will carry out the whole service with care and efficiency.


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  • phone 020 8746 4354
  • location Islington, United Kingdom
  • working hours Monday through Sunday, 07:00-22:00


I got a safe storage option when I used London Storage Company. It was just what I was after.    
S. Watts
Their storage rooms were spacious and kept clean and secure. What's more, Storage Space offered me good prices. It was a no-brainer booking with this company.    
Hamish W.
Storage facilities need to be secure. I knew theirs was as soon as I set eyes on it. I felt comfortable leaving everything at their facility. London Storage Space certainly know a thing or two about storage.    
Russell J.
I found secure storage at a cheap price with Storage Space London. It was just the type of service that I was after.    
Angela M.
I needed to store my items somewhere but was more preoccupied with secure storage. I found that in London Storage Company.    
Alan M.
I had a mobile self storage unit delivered to my home with Storage Company. The size and condition of the unit was exactly what I wanted, what we'd discussed. It did the job and provided a great solution to my home storage needs.    
Ian M.
I needed a storage facility I could trust. I did my research and found that London Storage Company was the best option.     
K. Hope
I enquired about hiring a unit from Storage Space Hire. Their storage rooms were perfect, and I booked with them right away.    
Nathan G.
I needed somewhere secure to store my old treadmill and other gym equipment. I was fed up looking at them collecting dust and they had been an eyesore for too long, so I called Storage Company to see if they could fix the problem. Their storage...    
Rebecca Kennedy
I can't thank this company enough for taking this stuff off my hands. My home was becoming a total mess, and frankly for the past few weeks it kind of was. Storage Services and their storage units have finally sorted this out for me, so I can now...    
Stacy Peters


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