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Why Should You Move To Chelsea?

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Why Should You Move To Chelsea?

03Sep 2015

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Chelsea is one of Central London’s most desirable residential areas, and has been home to many celebrities as well as royalty over the years. With some of the finest lavish and luxury properties in the world, and being so closely located to the heart of London, it’s easy to see why Chelsea is the neighbourhood that everyone wants to be a part of. If you’re thinking of moving to Chelsea, here are just a few reasons why you should!

A part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Chelsea has everything that you might need, no matter what your interests or requirements might be. The area is located in the midst of other affluent and popular London areas, including Kensington, Battersea, Belgravia and Pimlico. Its SW3 and SW10 postcodes are some of the most highly sought after in the entirety of London, and its properties aren’t just some of the most expensive in the capital, but also in the whole country.

Moving to Chelsea

Some of the most recognisable names and faces in the world have called Chelsea their home, from authors Oscar Wilde and J. R. R Tolkien to actresses including Judy Garland and musicians like Bob Marley. Chelsea still continues to be one of London’s most popular places of residence for celebrities, artists and famous people from all over the globe. 

Chelsea is easy to navigate and travel from thanks to its many bus routes and public transport systems. There are many regular bus services to and from the area, making commuting to work quick and easy no matter where you might be going. Despite not being served by its own London Underground station, Chelsea has two close by stations for fast inner-city travel. These are the Sloane Square station and the South Kensington station. The area was once served by an Overground railway station, but this was demolished after the Second World War. Despite this, Chelsea doesn’t have a lack of transport, and with its excellent location right in the centre of the city, you’ll never need to worry about travel!

Chelsea Relocation

Despite operating from Stamford Bridge, right on the border of Chelsea and Fulham, the Chelsea Football Club is perhaps what the area is most famous for. Chelsea FC has some of the wealthiest supporters of any football club in the world thanks to its roots in such an affluent and wealthy area.

The area was once well known for its cultural and artistic roots, but since the Chelsea College of Art and Design changed location, Chelsea has become more famous for its shopping and retail stores. Its shops range from high-street favourites to designer stores and world-famous boutiques, providing a truly unique shopping experience for those with a passion and interest in fashion and style.

Relocation to Chelsea

If you have an interest in local history then the Chelsea Collection shouldn’t be missed. The Collection is an anthology of pictures and prints that denote the history of Chelsea, and can be traced back to the 1800s. The Collection continues to grow, and is a truly astounding collection of the history of the area.

Whether you’re moving to Chelsea with family or moving on your own, you won’t be disappointed in what is one of London’s finest residential areas. There are hundreds of reasons to move to such a wonderful, inspiring and modern place, and you won’t be disappointed in your home here. No matter what you want from your place of residence, Chelsea is sure to provide it.

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