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What to Do a Day before your W14 House Removal

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What to Do a Day before your W14 House Removal

12 December 2015

W14 House Removal

The weeks running up to your move can be a time fraught with panic and will be extremely rushed and rather scary, especially if you are about to embark on a large move. Knowing that the big day is looming will be a nightmare, but you can help yourself fairly substantially by getting things sorted over a longer period of time. In reality the question as to ‘what to do a day before your W14 home removal’ will depend on your situation, and one would hope that you didn’t have a huge amount to do on the day, because you had everything under control! If you are moving out of a one bed room flat then you will probably be able to do most things in a day, as packing up a couple of rooms does not take that long, especially if there is more than one of you there. If it is a larger move however, then you should really have started packing things up slowly about three weeks beforehand, so that things can be done at a gentle pace. Stuff like switching over the gas and electricity should be done in advance, as well as checking out the parking availability near the new place, so on your last day before the W14 move, you should just be finalizing the packing rather than doing anything major, as if you are still doing big jobs, then you will have likely left it too late!

If you are stuck pottering about the house on your last day at the old property, then there are things that you can do to reinvigorate yourself in terms of getting excited about the move. One useful as well as enjoyable idea, is to draw up a plan of the new place and draw in your furniture, and give some thought to how you’d like each room to look. This sort of plan will be very useful to your removals men, who will be able to use it to place your larger items in to their positions straight away, saving you time later on, and meaning that you won’t have to do any heavy lifting once the W14 removals team have left. You can use this time to give some thought to the furniture that you’d like to buy in order to make the new place look its best, as you may not want to use your old furniture exclusively, and a few new pieces can really make a place look amazing.

Once you have done that, put together a small box containing a medical kit, a kettle, some tea bags, biscuits and a bottle of milk, so that you can give the removers tea and biscuits on the day of the move, without disrupting the boxes that you have spent so long packing. Having anything that you think you will need on you to hand can make things a lot less stressful on the day, so be sure to think carefully as to what you may want to take.

Give a bit of thought to the local area, and check online to see if there are any nice places to get a take out from, as it is unlikely that you’ll feel like cooking on your first night at the new house, and you may not even be able to, as unpacking the kitchen can take ages! The main thing to do on the day before the move is to relax, and make sure that you are stress free and ready for the big day, as you’ll need all of your strength and patience!

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