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Unpacking In Ten Steps After Moving To E14

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Unpacking In Ten Steps After Moving To E14

12 December 2015

Unpacking After Moving To E14

If you have just moved your entire household to the London area with postcode E14, don’t prepare for sitting down and relaxing, because the job is far from done. It may actually seem like the toughest part of the relocation has finished, but packing and moving is quite a mechanical process, that doesn’t require creativity or designer thought. However, it is unpacking that is actually much harder and takes quite a significant amount of time, especially if not planned. Of course every person who moves house is different – one could love packing and another unpacking. The common problem with unpacking is that people don’t plan it. After they have finally moved house they are too exhausted to start another plan and schedule and simply start opening a box after a box. Soon after the mess is everywhere and nothing can be found. Unpacking, just like packing, has its specific rules and stages and can’t be done within a single day. When unpacking, you need to place each item on its place, therefore the furniture pieces and the appliances have to be arranged first. First unpack the biggest and main items and the ones that are absolutely crucial for your daily routine. Here is how to unpack your household the easiest.

1. You need a copy of the inventory list to make sure everything has arrived. Use this list to create a schedule for the unpacking.

2. Unpack the essential boxes or bags and place the file with important documents somewhere safe. If you have packed the essential box carefully you will have everything you need for the first couple of days after the relocation.

3. The first room to unpack is definitely the kitchen. Don’t focus on each detail, but make sure it’s ready for preparing food and storing it. Clean the cutlery, pots and pans before using them. Wipe down the cabinets, the table and the appliances. Next, unpack and arrange the bathroom so everyone can have a shower. Unpack the toiletries and towels and hang the shower curtain.

4. Assemble the beds as soon as you can and unpack linen, pillows and blankets. Each member of the family will do well with some proper sleep after the exhausting moving day.

5. Any rearrangements of the furniture pieces should be the done in the very beginning. If you have obtained a floor plan of the home before the move, then this will be an easy task.

6. Leave the unpacking of bedroom items to each member of the family. It doesn’t have to be done on the first day. The closest will take the longest to be organized.

7. Last space to unpack is the garage. The items you store there are not everyday essentials so the unpacking can wait a few days. Try to create a clutter-free and functional space. Add some new shelves and use storage boxes to keep things organized and tidy.

8. Unpack the items for the patio at your own leisure. There is no reason to rush this task. Some cleanup will be needed afterwards.

9. Take a look at the home and decide what can be improved in the future. Are there any issues that need instant repair or replacement? Write them down so you can calculate your expenses.

10. For the unpacking of a house you need time, energy and above all, patience.

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