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Tips For A Smooth Office Relocation To Westminster

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Tips For A Smooth Office Relocation To Westminster

29Jul 2015

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Organising and carrying out a business relocation to Westminster can be extremely overwhelming, and is among some of the most stressful things business owners will have to do in the whole course of their careers. Despite the huge amounts of responsibility that may rest on your shoulders here, there are several things you can do to make the process of relocation much easier for you and your employees. Like any project, moving office to W1 can be broken down into individual items on a checklist, and made much less of a burden. Moving office differs significantly from moving house, in the way that it often requires specialist knowledge from you and your higher-ups to ensure that expensive machinery and important documents arrive at the new office site in the condition they left in.

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One good tip, which you should really apply to any project of this magnitude, is to draw up an extensive plan for your office relocation to SW1 well in advance of the due date. Make early decisions on what you require in your business’s new building in Westminster, including careful considerations about the space you may need for future growth. Even if your company is downsizing in the present moment, it’s always good to acquire extra space and be prepared for any big decisions in future. A well-planned office relocation can save you from any unexpected hiccups which may lead to a shutdown you really don’t need, and eat into your profit margins. Having a long closure may even lose your business some loyal customers, or new ones who are simply impatient. These early stages are also when you can judge if you have the proper organizational skills required for moving an office of whatever size, or whether you need to hand the task to a project manager, or outsource it to a specialised move manager. This is one of the many parts of moving office where scrimping on price can mean a gamble you may not be able to afford. By seeking out specialist business removal companies, you’ll be giving the whole process one more safety net at a little extra cost. Like anything, take your time with choosing such a firm, and don’t settle until you’ve found one you believe has the necessary experience and professionalism that will let you get on with running your business. 

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Going back to the theme of planning ahead, make sure you have a good idea of your budget a long time before you actually want to move. Although budgets can go up and down fairly erratically, having a solid idea of what you’ll need to spend can make the whole relocation process much easier in the long run, and combined with good organisational skills, can keep costs from creeping any higher than necessary. Your office’s furniture, which will probably make up the bulk of things that need to be removed, should also be considered long before any physical moving takes place. Decide early on whether you’re going to buy new furniture for the new office site, or keep the stuff you already have. Depending on the size of your operation, it may be more cost-effective to buy new furniture than to organise moving everything from A to B. Doing this can also mean that the entire move to Westminster will require less careful planning, as you can simply source and order furniture which fits perfectly in your new office space in W1, rather than having to try a million angles getting a huge leather armchair through a narrow doorway. If you do plan on using mainly new furniture, be sure to talk to your removal company about disposing of your old furniture responsibly.

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