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Staying Sane During A Home Move to Camden

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Staying Sane During A Home Move to Camden

30Mar 2015

avoid stress during relocation

If there is anytime where we may become venerable to losing our minds, then a home move to Camden is definitely up there with one of the most stressful necessities in life. A house relocation can be an exciting time and it is important to focus on all the good things that will come of a move over the negatives of all the things you have to get done. Create a moving checklist and work your way through before you even begin your move. Changing bills and address is a good idea a few weeks before hand, as long as you give yourself the time things will work out okay, especially if you look to these helpful tips to get you through.

1.    Use recycled boxes. There are a few sites where you can find old moving boxes for free or very cheaply. There is not point spending the extra money on new boxes when you can acquire them economically, get them well in advance of your move to Camden, NW1 and get some good karma in afterwards by giving them away for free again.

removal boxes

2.    Always pack up the kitchen first. The kitchen is the hardest to pack, with electrical appliances and different utensils, breakable plates and glassware. Once you have got the hardest room out of the way first, then the others will seem like a breeze. Set any appliances that no longer work or you don't need anymore t be sent for recycling or charity.

3.    Don’t clean as you go along. There really is no point in trying to clean each room or area after you have packed. Things will only end up getting dirty again and creating more work for yourself and more stress. Leave the big clean till the end when everything is done and packed.

clean at the end

4.    Rent a man and van. It’s much easier if you have a large mode of transport to get your stuff from your old place to a new place. You want to have plenty of room rather than trying to jam everything into a car and getting stressed that it won’t fit. Cheap removals in London are easy to find over the internet.

5.    Unpack the bedroom first. Chances are that when you have got everything moved and start to unpack, there is going to be a point where you are just so tired that you want to pass out. Make sure you have a place to do it. Get your bed made first, your night clothes out and your toothbrush at the ready.

unpack your bedroom

6.    Send a new home card to your old home. Address it to the new tenants welcoming them to the area, you can then ask them to forward any mail that may have escaped your change of address card. This will be useful in not missing any important post.

7.    Get friends involved. We all know that our friends help to keep us sane anyway and having them around when moving is no exception. If they can lend a hand in the lifting, packing or helping our with the removal services then that’s a bonus, or even help you to go over the things you might have forgotten. It’s always good to have an extra pair of eyes.

help for house removals

8.    Throw a house warming party. Or a dinner party, just invite a few people over to see your new place in Camden. It’s surprising how knowing  that you have to entertain will make you get your unpacking completed and your place feeling like home much faster. You can create a donation pile of anything you wanted to get rid of and let your friends have their pick. This will be less stuff for you to sort out.

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