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Small Move Services

12 December 2015

Small Move Services Can Be Applicable Not Only To Removals

Small MovesIf you are in a situation where you have to haul some items that can’t possibly fit in your car no matter how many times you tried to shove them there whether from the car doors or in the luggage carrier. A car is just not designed to transport belongings that are too big, like pieces of furniture that are either too bulky or with a shape that doesn’t allow them to fit in it, for example. And maybe that’s a good thing because you can damage some parts of it if you try to load too heavy or large items. If you’re stubborn enough, you can make one last attempt to tie them somehow to your automobile until you see that this won’t work either because you risk causing a dangerous accident on the road. Keep yourself safe but also think about the others while you take such decisions related to secure driving. Why should you rack your brains to think of an unconventional way to move something from one place to another when the answer is right in front of you? Use the small move services of Storage Space.

In a way, this service of ours resembles the man and van one. In this case, what we can do for you is not simply drive our van in front of your property and make you put everything in it yourself without the participation of our staff. In effect, if you don’t want to move items, you can just rest aside with a cup of coffee, give our removalists instructions and watch them work. They can do the loading of one of our reliable vehicles faster than you can imagine because once the experts get familiar with what has to be moved, they make a quick assessment of the situations just by one look and immediately start implementing the task they were hired for. No wandering around and wondering how to begin and how to proceed. Depending on the stuff you have to haul, you can choose one or more men to undertake the relocation of your belongings whether they are being sent to another house, apartment or a storing place. By the way, storage services are another thing we offer.

Small Moving ServicesAnother way of using this particular moving service of ours is to hire a van and have some friends help you load it. But why? Looking at things from a different angle, if somehow a miracles happens and you succeed in shoving or tying a sofas, for instance, to your automobile but you need to also move a couch, mattress, table, chairs, boxes full of clothes or dishes and other items, there’s no way to fit them all in your car at once, so you’ll have to make several rounds back and forth. Moneywise, and not only, this is the wrong perspective. So, that’s why!

Storage Space is constantly trying to find new applications of the services it already provides in order to be in conformity with the flexibility principle that it has set for itself. This is why we endeavour to apply our small move services in a different way because they are not only intended for removals. As an example, you can use them to send a huge package or a piece of furniture that you won’t use anymore to someone else in another town. So, this works as something like a delivery service for big and bulky items.

If you can’t estimate what would be the price for the number of removalists and vehicles you’re going to need, you can always request a free quote from us. We’ll be glad to assist you with everything that’s within our competences. Our company also wants to provide its phone number, which is 020 8746 4354, in case you have other questions that remained unanswered when reading through our website.

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