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Use and Reuse Your Food and Cutlery

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Use and Reuse Your Food and Cutlery

12 December 2015

Here follows some tips on how you can use old orange peel or create clever solutions out of things that you normally would throw away. Here comes a list.

Breakfast Tray – Do you eat almost the same things in your family for breakfast every morning; clean away one shelf in the fridge and place, butter, cheese, jam, juice, milk and other things there. Set the tile on the kitchen table while you eat breakfast and set the tray when breakfast is over and done.

Buttons – Do you have a box of different buttons at home? Buy small magnets in the hobby store and glue the buttons on to the magnets. They will become nice magnets for your fridge or could be nice gifts.

Cutlery - Do you go to flea markets or auctions? Nickel silver is hot again and even young people get excited for a set of old cheap but beautiful cutlery. It doesn’t matter if the pairs are odd or if they are the same size. Take a trip to the flea market, buy some and polish them up on a rainy day. Tie cutlery up with a beautiful satin ribbon. It is guaranteed to be appreciated.

Door Stop - Plastic jars with lids work great as doorstops if you fill them with sand or beautiful stone.

Gutters – Do you find it tricky to clean the gutters of your house? Cut the bottom of a large plastic bottle to form a bucket or a scoop.

Juice and other beverages – Are you going on the summer trip? Freeze one or more smaller plastic bottles with juice, lemonade or water the day before. When you pack the cooler bag, put them in the bottom as cooling blocks and in the meantime you will have cool drinks for the picnic basket.

Lampshades – Small and medium sized lamp shades will become brown by the heat from the bulbs and yellowed with age, all though you can make them look as good as new. Buy fabric paint in a color you want and mix according to instructions on the bucket. Immerse the entire screen and leave it in the paint for ten minutes or more and let it drip over the bucket.

Lemon juice – is great to use to remove fish smell on your fingers with. When you have cleaned fish, peeled shrimp or eaten crayfish, the odor disappears immediately if you rub your fingers with juice of a lemon. Lemon is also a good bleaching agent for stains, but be careful with delicate fabrics.

Milk and juice carton – Here is a fun activity for kids who are off school for a week and needs something to do. You will need rinsed milk and juice cartons, glue, a few pieces of fabric and ribbons. Cut the packs until two-thirds remains, cut and put on desired fabric and glue a ribbon around the edge. Use as a pen holder or to gather hair bands or such in.

“Mosquito Repeller” – Did you know that mosquitoes don’t like parsley? You will avoid mosquitoes in the bedroom at night by putting up – apart from mosquito nets – put a pot of regular parsley in the window. That will keep them away.

Orange peel – Put the orange peel where the cat scratches on the furniture and it will leave the furniture in peace.

Potholders – Maybe you have big piles of inherited little potholders at home. Maybe you like to have bigger and stronger potholders and let the fine crochets lie in the cupboard. If you do not want to use them as potholders, they work very well as a coaster when setting up hot prep bowls on the dining table.

Remove labels from the jars – It can be difficult to remove the labels on jars you have saved for reuse. Try to rub the labels with cooking oil; that makes it easy to scrape them off. Wash with soap afterwards.

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