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Protecting Glass when Moving House

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Protecting Glass when Moving House

05 February 2015

Many of us now have a few glass items and pieces of furniture in our home; glass tables, cabinets and ornaments add a modern touch to the house, are easy to clean and minimalistic. However, they’re also usually heavy and susceptible to cracks and chipping. Therefore, transporting them when moving house can be difficult. There are steps you can take to prevent this. Here are some ways you can package and transport your glass items in order for them not to get damaged in transit.


When it comes to transporting glass, protecting it before it’s even loaded onto the removal van is key to preventing any cracks, chips or general damage from occurring during the move. When it comes to smaller glass items, such as drinking glasses, you’ll need to wrap these in bubble wrap and pack them together with newspaper stuffed in between. Try using smaller-sized boxes so the items have less room to move around.

However, when you have larger glass items to protect, like glass tables, it can get a bit more difficult. Firstly, if you can detach any sheets of glass from the table legs, this can be helpful. Next, you’ll need to cover the glass in soft fabric, like blankets or towels, and secure them to the glass so they don’t fall off during the journey. Pay particular attention to the corners and edges, as these will chip easily. If the legs are particularly brittle, wrap these in bubbles wrap and pack them separately. When it comes to glass cabinets, not only must you protect them with blankets, you must also make sure nothing too heavy is placed on top of them. You therefore might want to get a hard removal crate to place the cabinet in to protect it fully.


When loading smaller glass items into the van, it’s wise to put the boxes containing these, as well as other fragile items near the top of the removal van. This stops the weight of the other boxes from causing any cracks. Label the boxes with glass in very clearly, as well as which way up they should be carried. This should make it clear for the removal company so they know to be extra careful with those boxes.

Again, it gets slightly more complicated when it comes larger glass pieces. Glass table tops, for example, should never be placed horizontally in the removal van, as larger items on top can shift and apply weight to different areas, potentially causing the sheet to crack and break. It can also slide and move around freely, again, leaving it at high risk of cracking. Instead, the glass sheet needs to be loaded into the van vertically, preferably along the side of the van, and secured into place. Putting flat furniture, also secured into place against it with cushions or more blankets padding the gap will prevent uneven weight from being applied to the glass, preventing breakages.


Movers insurance should be included in your removal service package and will ensure you’re covered financially for any breakages or damage which may occur to your items while moving house. Be sure to thoroughly check and read thorough your policy in order to be 100% clear on what it does and doesn’t cover. If you have contents insurance and don’t want to purchase additional movers insurance for your glass items, check that the policy includes insurance for while they’re in between houses, not just while they’re inside of your previous home.

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