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Preparing Moving House Checklist

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Preparing Moving House Checklist

13 January 2015

When it comes to house removals one of the main things to do is to allow time and lots of it. Moving house is a stressful event and hard work. There is a lot to arrange and even small removals can easily turn into a big ordeal. One of the best tips is to begin as soon as you know a moving date. Make yourself a moving checklist and stick to it. Start planning and list all of the relevant tasks that you need to do. It is easy to put off jobs like the packing and then be left with the minimum of time to get it sorted. This is how some of your items can become damaged when it has been a last minute throw the lot in together type packing job!

When you know you are moving you will need to hire a reliable and reputable moving company. Source a local company that way there will be no extra fuel charges for distance. Ask friends and family for suggestions or check local business directories in papers or online for reliable moving companies. Organise a few meetings with different removal companies. This way the staff member will be able to give you an accurate quote of the amount you want to move. Also you can discuss what removal service suits you, whether it is a man with a van for smallish loads or a major moving company to sort the entire relocation. Check for past records of services for experience after they are responsible for moving your life’s belongings and you want the best service possible. You may be able to check that a removal company is listed in a reputable business list for your assurance.

Discuss what you want with the representative and go over any special requirements. Get written quotes so you can compare services, guarantees and costs. Don’t just settle for cheap removals as it is not always the best service. Go with who you feel offers the best job. If you can ask to speak with clients who have already used the removal service, this way you can get a true testimonial on how a company works. When you have decided book early, and make sure you keep the removal company informed of any alterations to the move whether you have more possessions to move or a change of date.

You will need to start changing your address with utilities, schools, work, doctors, banks and any associate you have with your address. It is a good idea to pay a small fee and have your post redirected for a few months. This ensures that it gets delivered to your new address.

Have a sort out, and get rid of unwanted items you may have about the house and garden. It is no use paying to move rubbish. You can throw away rubbish, or recycle unused things, or donate to charity.

If packing yourself start early and begin with things you don’t use at the present such as Xmas, or summer bedding and clothes. Alternatively, if you are paying for the service then you can leave it to the experts. Though you will have to discuss any special requests with fragile and breakable items you are moving.
Though things may go wrong if you have a good general idea of what needs to be done in the event of a problem it may be easier to handle. When hiring a removal company ask for advice and tips on moving. The more help the better.

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