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Prepare For Your Removal To Chiswick With This Moving Checklist

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Prepare For Your Removal To Chiswick With This Moving Checklist

30Apr 2015

moving checklist

If you're going through a house removal in the near future, it's always worth checking if you've got everything just so. It doesn't matter whether what type of removal service you plan on using, getting yourself sorted out is paramount. So let us run through a quick checklist to see if you've got everything you need on your Chiswick based move:

- Sturdy packing materials
Packing for your move can be a long and drawn out process, but it's definitely worth doing properly. The first step to packing success is to use the right materials. Get a hold of some sturdy removal boxes, heavy duty packing tape and some thick bubble wrap. This will make sure that all of your possessions, including fragile items like crockery and ornaments, will stay in the box from the start of your move right through until the end. No W4 based removal should be taken on without them.

packing supplies
- Packing paper / Old newspapers
For extra stability, get a hold of some packing paper or some old newspaper, and pack it into the empty spaces in your removal boxes. This'll ensure that everything will remain tightly packed, and won't roll around and break during the trip.

- Bin bags / Large plastic bags
When you're transporting clothes, blankets and other items that don't break or shatter, you're better off using bags to transport them around Chiswick. Bags in general take up less space in the moving van than boxes, and are easier to carry around. They're essential as a space saving tool, and will save you a whole lot of stress as well!

plastic bags
- Labels
Get a hold of some labels or other box identification tool, and unpacking will be a breeze. If you can mark what items are in every box you pack, it makes life a lot easier at the other side. If you're packing up items that belong in the kitchen for example, you'll immediately know where those boxes' contents should end up. It's a small item, but one that'll save you a lot of time in the long run.

- Scissors / Box cutter
Want another stress saving solution? Keep some sort of cutting implement handy for when you arrive. It'll make cutting through that packing tape a breeze, and will save a broken nail or two. Very few things are more annoying after a long removal than a moving box you can't open.

box cutter
- Moving documents
This is another example of an item you should keep close while moving house. Moving documents and bank statements may be necessary at some point in the process, so don't be caught short without them.

- Items for the journey
If you're planning on staying on the road for a while, then you should prepare for it. Snacks for when you get peckish, and moving blankets for those cold days and nights. It's a small thing to overlook, but will make the journey far more comfortable for your passengers.

prepare sandwiches
- Living items
Think about it – when you arrive at your new home, you're not going to unpack everything immediately. You're going to want to relax and have something to eat first – so try packing a loose bag of kitchen utensils, basic foods, and some of the essentials like toilet roll and soap. If you like to take things slow after a hard move, you'll be glad you did!

So, those were some packing guidelines to help make your moving journey around Chiswick a little easier. Sometimes, it's the little things that make all of the difference, so keep that in mind the next time you're taking on a house removal, or even just a long trip in general! These tips can apply whether you're moving around the W4 or far away – just stay prepared!

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