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Packing for a Move with Teenagers to Dulwich

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Packing for a Move with Teenagers to Dulwich

12 December 2015

Packing for a Move

Planning a move to Dulwich in Southern London with your teenage children? There is a lot to plan and organize before you lock the door behind you and head to your new home. A house move is a big undertaking – it’s stressful, it’s tiresome and it will take up a considerable amount of your time. However, a move with teenagers is harder, if that is even possible. Every parent wants a great future for their children and a move to London is full of opportunities. Informing your teenage children that you have to move to London will most probably result in mixed feelings. As exciting as London may sound to you, your children will find it hard to say goodbye to their old life, school and friends. You need to be extra careful when telling them the big news.

After the initial conversation, give your children a few days to deal with the idea of moving house and give them some alone time. Everyone needs a different amount of time to deal with such a change. However, the packing process won’t wait forever. You need to start packing and if you’ve chosen not to pay for packing services, then you are going to need plenty of help. Your teenage children might not feel like helping out, but they will have to. Packing an entire household for a move is a huge task – it’s tiring, it’s daunting and stressful. After you take the inventory, prepare a checklist of tasks that have to be done and try to distribute them based on the days and whoever is taking part in the packing process. One of the rules of packing with teenagers is not to invade their personal space. Make sure they have enough cardboard moving boxes, bubble wrap, tape and paper to pack their own belongings and don’t try to go through their things without permission. Respect their privacy and only give packing advice before they start packing and when asked to do so.

Discuss the choice of new school and ask for their opinion. This is an important decision that needs to be made as a family. If you are moving in the end of the summer break, they will easily begin the new academic year at the London school. However, if you are moving during the academic year, it’s best to visit the school and the area where you will live first. If you can afford it, take them on a trip to London and see the neighborhood, the house/flat and take them to meet their new teachers. This will make it easier to adapt to the change.

Discuss what they want to pack and whether there are belongings that they don’t use anymore. Explain that packing material and the move are expensive, so they should only pack the items they actually need and use. Old toys, games, clothes and other belongings can be thrown away, donated or even sold for a little profit they can keep. This is the easiest way to pack and move without any added pressure. If you are downsizing, this is absolutely essential. Organize a clearance day and get rid of all the old clutter that’s been piling up around the house. This can be combined with taking the inventory.

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