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Office Unpacking After Relocation to Finchley

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Office Unpacking After Relocation to Finchley

12May 2015

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Once you are all packed and ready to move to your new office location in Finchley, the next crucial step is unpacking of the goods so that you and your employees can function properly and get accustomed to the new workplace. Unpacking can get very tiring especially after organizing the entire office removal. And due to the exhaustion, you may be tempted to unpack hastily which in turn can cause you losses. Here are a few points that will help you get through unpacking.

Floor Plans: This is the time to bring out your floor plans and decide what goes where. This step should be taken care of well before the move so that when you enter the new office in Finchley, N2, you are ready to set up almost instantly with a clear plan of action in place. Once you have discussed thoroughly with your employees about the floor plans, you can start the process of unpacking.

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Essentials: It is probably the best if you unpack the box labelled ‘Essentials’ first. This box might hold all the important files of your storage cabinets and the files that your office is currently handling so that your employees can get to work as soon as possible to meet all the important deadlines. Also, it would be wise to set up all the computer stations and any other electric gadgets in the first phase, because no office can truly run without its gadgets. Setting up workstations would mean setting up the tables and chairs. These are the few essentials that need to be sorted in the first moments after your relocation to the N12 region.

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Seek Help: Setting up an office can take up a lot of your precious time that you and your employees could be using to handle new projects. If the employees are handling the process of unpacking, then the core work gets sidelined. Generally, the relocation firm that you hire for your office removal can help you organise unpacking as well. They would probably do it much more quickly and efficiently. Discuss the floor plans with the moving company prior to moving; that will help them arrange everything exactly as you want it with a few inputs from their end.

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The movers would not only clean all the shelves and check your inventory lists for any damage but also unpack every box and put the items in their right places. Many removal companies in the N3 area are well versed with unpacking services and don’t leave any room for complaints. Getting professional help is always better than incurring unnecessary losses.

Other Details: Strategically placing all the boxes at your waist level, like on a table, would stop you from bending more than necessarily and would make the unpacking easier.

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The faster and more efficiently you unpack, the more quickly you can get back to your routine work. It might take a while to unpack completely but once you have all the important things unpacked, the rest of can be done in your spare time. The alternative and better solution is to let the moving company in Finchley render you their unpacking services.

These pointers will help you settle down comfortably and with little to no hassle. Have a safe move!

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