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N1 Removal Men - Get the Best of This Man and Van Hire

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N1 Removal Men - Get the Best of This Man and Van Hire

12 December 2015

N1 Removal Men

Finding the perfect removal company is about putting what you need against what you can pay, and it will often be a shock to discover the vastly varying services on offer. Getting your head around N1 removal men is a difficult task, but with our simple steps as to what to consider, there can be a better way to approach the task!

Firstly, you must do your research. While we have a good idea as to what is out there and how much things cost, there are so many variables, like time of year, size of house, distance travelled, and others, that we cannot tell you exactly what the companies around you will offer. For this reason you need to spend a few hours reading up on your local removal firms and seeing what you get, and for how much.

If you have a large house where you have lived for a long time, it is almost certain that you will need a few men and a large truck or lorry type vehicle. If you are moving flat however, and it was furnished or part furnished by the landlord, then it is likely that you will only need a smaller van, like a large transit van, especially if the distance that you are moving is fairly short. Once you have a good idea of what you need, then you can call various companies and give them the run down of your move, and see what they quote you. Having a few quotes to compare is a good way of getting the best price, as you can ask why a certain quote is more than another. It may be that you want to pay a little more for what seems like the right service for you, or you may want to risk a slight dip in quality for a particularly low price, it is up to you.

Reading customer reviews online is a good way of getting to know how the companies you are dealing with have performed in the past. Be aware that some of the better reviews may have been written by the company themselves however, while some of the negative reviews may be the work of their competitors!

If you have a real eye for quality and want to avoid any cowboys, then head over to the British Association of Removers, more commonly known as BAR, and have a look at their roster of company members. The association has a strict code of conduct and regularly checks on their members for quality control and rule abidance. If your remover is part of the BAR then you know exactly how they will go about your move, and that every member of staff has received the full and proper training necessary to make your move safe and effective.

When you have decided on a company, make your intentions known to them. Draw up a plan of the move with times and places on so everyone involved is aware of their role from the beginning. Also draw up a plan of the two houses, with details as to where the heaviest items are, like pianos, wardrobes and sofas, so that they arrive prepared to move them, as well as sure that they will fit around corners etcetera.

All of this planning will make the whole move much smoother and more enjoyable, well, at least less terrible! Having the right team of removers behind you is one of the best ways to make your move an easy and effective process, rather than the hell you imagine it to be!

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