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Moving to Greenwich with an Approved Company

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Moving to Greenwich with an Approved Company

04 April 2016

Moving to Greenwich

According to statistics, people tend to move home every seven years, and because moving house is not a common activity for the average lifestyle, many are not aware of how to chose the perfect professional removal company. There are thousands and thousands of removal specialists across the country, all claiming to offer the best in professional services, but it will often seem that there is little way of discerning whether your valuable household items will be moved safely and securely, is there any form of guarantee?

It is often thought that hiring a Man and Van, or doing a ‘do it yourself’ move is the best way to save money on moving house, this is a long standing misconception. The alluring discounted rates of the smaller company of the van owner belie the potential lack of training and experience held by these types of companies, as any one can set up a removals company on their own nowadays, with out any need for codes of conduct or even any training! How does a potential mover go about finding out if their mover is a consummate professional, or a cowboy with a big van!?

Moving is widely regarded as extremely stressful and overly expensive, and a lack of planning against problems can make your move into a living hell very swiftly. You may end up paying a whole lot more for your move than you really should for such a straightforward operation. It is for these circumstances that you should contact a removals firm who are a member of the British Association of Removals, widely known as BAR. You know from the off that these firms have the necessary training, expertise, insurance and professionalism to carry out your move. The British Association of Removers is one of the largest and oldest trade associations in the house moving industry and therefore has been committed to increasing and maintaining brilliance of professionalism in the removals and storage industry for more than one hundred years. They represent almost five hundred professional removals companies inside of the United Kingdom, firms that are concerned with removal across the board, including Domestic, Commercial, European and International removals and relocation.

The BAR standard is the only set of rules in the removals industry that conforms to and is monitored by the office of fair trading, and therefore protects you, the customer, even beyond the simplest requirements of the law. Every member of the association is regularly inspected and trained by BAR representatives to guarantee that every move is as smooth and professionally executed.

Having a set of rules to which every member must adhere is what sets BAR members apart from the rest. Knowing exactly where you stand with every company on every move means that you can plan your removal with the ease of knowing exactly how your movers will deal with you, whether it’s reassurance about quality standards, or the protocol when it comes to insurance and cancellations.

Learning as much as you can about your removals expert is of the upmost importance, as being left in the dark on certain matters can be stressful and even expensive. Even if you do not use a BAR member for your removal, doing your research is particularly important. Ask questions about your quote, and make sure you shop around, knowing exactly what you are set to receive before parting with your money. What ever you do, be completely sure that no removals company are pulling the wool over your eyes, and that you’re moving to Greenwich with an approved company.

Bon Voyage!

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