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Moving to Crystal Palace - A guide to Stress-free Unpacking

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Moving to Crystal Palace - A guide to Stress-free Unpacking

12 December 2015

Moving to Crystal Palace

Crystal palace is located in South East London and is covered by the SE19, SE20 and SE26 postcodes. Home to the site of the famous Crystal Palace, and the football team of the same name, it has a large selection of local shops and bars, as well as being within commuting distance to central London. If planning on moving to the area, and don’t want to spend days unpacking, then there are a few things to bear in mind that will help reduce the stress of unpacking.

Organised Packing

These preparations will need to be made before the move takes place, but are essential to making everything run smoothly and ensure a fairly hassle free unpacking once you’ve arrived at your new home. Plan your packing, and do one room at a time, labelling all boxes with contents and what room they need to be unpacked in. Once you’ve arrived, you can cut you unpacking time down significantly by unloading boxes directly into the right rooms, so you won’t have to move more boxes around once everything is out of the removal van.

Make a floor plan

This is the second thing that can be done prior to the relocation. You will have seen your new home a few times, and have a good idea of the layout. If possible, on your last visit before moving in, draw up a rough floor plan, with some measurements if possible. While it might seem a hassle, this will save you loads of time when unpacking. You can then work out where heavy and bulky furniture can go well in advance of moving in, and once again make sure all heavy items are unpacked directly into the room you plan to have them in.

Pack some essentials for when you arrive

After a long day lifting heavy furniture and loading and unloading removal vans, you will need a breather when you finally arrive. When packing, make sure you have a bag or suitcase that you can keep on hand, and pack it with things like fresh clothes for everyone, some basic kitchen goods, such as a pot, pan and cutlery, and an overnight bag (toothbrush, shower gel etc). Once you’ve arrived, you can then take a minute to have something to eat, and freshen up. Tacking the rest of the unpacking won’t seem like such a monumental task after a bit of revitalisation.

Do heavy lifting first

Before you do take a moments rest however, it can be a good idea to unpack all the heaviest and bulkiest items and get them set up in accordance with your floor plan. The main advantages of doing this first is that you will probably still have your removal company/man and a van on hand to help, and still have the energy to tackle the heavy items. Once these are out the way, you have essentially done the hardest part, and can then move on to the smaller and less physically demanding goods.

Take your time

Although following these tips should significantly reduce your unpacking time, try not to rush yourself. Depending on how much stuff you have, it might not be realistic to expect to get everything unpacked on the day of the move. If you are getting tired or stressed, then take a break and come back to the unpacking later. You should have all the heavy lifting done, and all boxes in their relevant rooms anyway, so the rest can be done at a fairly leisurely pace while you enjoy your new Crystal Palace home.

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