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Moving Office: The Perfect Guide to Moving Your Office

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Moving Office: The Perfect Guide to Moving Your Office

12 December 2015

Moving office sounds quite simple for anyone who hasn’t quite owned one however for those who run or own an office and are relocating to (hopefully) a better place, life isn’t always that simple. Office removals are laden with stress, a disproportionate length of time consumption as well as seemingly hidden disasters that often occur at the last minute. We have created this perfect guide for you to be able to move office with minimal fuss (and actually enjoy it!). Removal companies tremendously are a large help, however below are the tips you need to be able to kick start your office move!

•    Find decent premises. It cannot be stressed enough as to how much people just flounder around when it comes to finding one. Typically, it is wise to start the search 4 months into it to provide you with ample time, however leave you also alternatively enough time not to be able to drag it on. There are a few things that you need to put down on paper to research, with the main one being just finding an office that suits you and your staff (if you have some) as well as finding a lease that works well for you, when it comes to the number of years and any break clause effectively put in. The best thing to do is to negotiate a flexible lease for start-ups whereby you can leave if you suddenly decide to slash costs

•    In finding a set of decent premises, there are a number of questions that you should ask. These questions are as follows: Is your premises big enough, and can you afford it? Is it a serviced or unserviced office? What are the rates, insurance and rent per month? What is the security, transport and parking like? Are there any shops or food outlets nearby? Do have heating/air-con? Do all the windows open, where the fire escape routes are as well as if you are responsible for any repairs of the premises or the management will take care of it? Do you have access to the place 24/7, or do you have to be out of the place by a certain time? Are you allowed to redecorate as well as anything that you may be forbidden from doing?

•    Planning ahead works exceptionally well and your moving checklist, will be your absolute sanity. Since there is so much to actually get done, the main things you need to put down on the list are as follows: In my relocation, what the necessary things that need to be done to make this move go as planned? Six weeks in advance, you should start looking at measuring your new office and ordering new furniture, a month in advance you should look at sorting out all your insurance, business rates as well as your utility providers such as gas, electricity as well as your phone and internet broadband. Two weeks before the move, your new kitchen needs to be ready as well as forwarding numbers and postal redirection to things like securing your contract with your removals company as well as suppliers such as milk, water coolers, stationary and magazines.

Following this list and this advice will help you move office from one premises to the other, with relative ease and fluidity, rather than feeling like a headless chicken that needs to get so many things done before moving to the new place!

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