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Moving From Soho to Spain

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Moving From Soho to Spain

12 December 2015

Moving From Soho to Spain

If you are considering moving out of your Soho home in London and moving to sunny Spain, you are not alone. Many people these days are emigrating to live in the warmer foreign climates, especially as Spain is quick and easy to travel to and from, and therefore transport your belongings too.

If you are a British Citizen and have a UK passport you can legally work and live in Spain, however, if you are going to be buying a house there, applying for work and using the Spanish banking system, you may want to consider getting a residency permit.

The first thing you do before you start selling your Soho home and buying a Spanish chalet is secure a job in or close to the area that you wish to live in, this will ensure that you are always covered financially, rather than moving straight to Spain and having no job or income for weeks even months. Then you should made the decision as to what to do with your Soho home, do you intend to sell it, or are you going to rent it out. Many people sell their homes, however, some of these people also regret doing so as it is often the case that people miss living in the UK and wish to move back, but can’t as they have nowhere to live.

Think about how you are going to finance the property you intend to buy in Spain, are you going to use your current or an equivalent UK financial institute or are you going to apply to a Spanish bank for a mortgage. When deciding upon this, take into account the exchange rate and what the up-front costs and set up charges of the Spanish banks are, take into account how much the mortgage is going to cost you in total.

Moving your things from Soho to Spain is much easier now than it ever has been, and there are more removal companies available that can transport items abroad, so there is more choice for you. Of course, there is the option of hiring a van and moving your belongings yourself, but consider a removal company for their experience and additional benefits such as the insurance they have protecting your belongings and property.

Here is a list of things that you should remember to do before the move to ensure it all goes smoothly:

• Sort out your UK house, either sell it or hire a letting agency to look after it after you have moved. Get all of your belongings boxed up and ensure the house is given a thorough clean.
• Ensure you have employment in place in Spain.
• Arrange for the utilities in your new property to be switched on the day of your move, so that when you get there you have electricity, water and gas.
• Make sure all your finances are in order, so that you have the funds to pay any professionals in Spain that you need to, and you have some money to live on until you start work.
• Make sure that your new home is insured.
• Is the mortgage and everything finalised on your new property, so that you can move into it straight away? Have any finds you have sent over for deposits etc. been received?
• Inform the relevant authorities in Spain that you are moving there and register yourself to pay tax.
• Do you have everything that you need for your new house?
• Have you packed yourself some essentials to see you through travelling and at least the first night of living in your new home?

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