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How to Save Money after Moving Home

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How to Save Money after Moving Home

12 December 2015

Save Money after Moving Home

Moving house is expensive, everyone knows that, but did you know you can claw back those pounds by making a few changes after moving in? Your new home is the perfect place to address your spending and monthly expenses to see if you can get a better deal, or do without it completely. Changing a few habits, being savvy with your money and opting for a few less luxuries in life can see you and your family save quite a fair bit in a matter of months.

After moving, there are countless online tools to help you to analyse what you’re spending and where you could be saving money. Utilise all these tools, plus the top tips below to see if you could save hundreds of pounds to spend on your new home.

Get into new habits

A new home is a new start and those first few days of settling into a new home are the perfect time to address and correct those bad habits you or your family may have gotten into over the years. Moving house means you can cut the costs across countless services and necessities simply by focusing on changing your habits. Get into the routine of switching off the lights or try using the heating less or shortening the length of time the timed function is on. Start planning meals and using leftover food to slash the costs of the weekly shop. Close doors to keep heat in, turn off running taps and invest in hot water bottles and extra blankets for cold, winter nights. Basically, you have the chance to take full advantage of those countless tips and tricks which can save you money on bills. If you’re moving into a house that requires a bit of work it’s often worth considering insulation and new windows as a cost-effective investment.

Cut excess services

If you struggle with bills and feel you’re losing too much of your monthly income, why not look into exactly how many services you’re paying for and see if there’s a few you could live without. A popular luxury is a cable TV package which soon mount up to be quite a costly excess, if your family can’t live without those extra channels ensure you’re getting the best deal by only paying for the channels you watch and by looking at TV, broadband and phone bundles. Are you paying for a gym membership you rarely use? Unless you’re a gym addict why not cancel the card and buy a few bargain DVDs to work out at home instead, or dust off the old bike to get your energy fix without wasting money. Again, moving house gives you the chance to start again, so you should start by addressing those direct debits and cancel what you don’t need, leaving you with more than you might expect at the end of the month.

Compare your providers

Once you’ve slimmed down those services, you should be left with the bare minimum, you might think you can’t save money on providers for gas or car insurance, but you can, and it’s quicker and easier than you first thought. You should look at comparing everything from bank accounts, landlines to home insurance as opting for the cheapest provider will soon save you hundreds of pounds across all of your monthly expenses. Moving house is the perfect time to look for cheaper energy providers as you’ll need to contact these companies to cancel or change address, similarly with other services, before setting up a new address be confident you’re getting the best deal.

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