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How to Plan a House Move to Notting Hill

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How to Plan a House Move to Notting Hill

26Jun 2015

house removals to Notting Hill

Moving to a new house in Notting Hill can be stressful and time consuming. Hiring a removal company can largely help you and reduce the stress, allowing you to focus on other core responsibilities. We have put together some important tips to plan for a house removal.

A month before moving
Do your research and appoint a moving company to handle the house removal to Notting Hill, W10. Booking in advance can ensure that your desired house movers are available to visit your house on the date you wish to move. If you are just a few days or months away from your moving date, don’t panic, many house removal companies also cater to your needs at a short notice. A month before the actual move, it is important to make a note of the goods you want to take to the new house and the ones you want to leave behind. For instance, you may want to put up new wall art in the new house or get new curtains. List these down and you will be surprised at how helpful the checklist will be a couple of weeks before the move.

house movers

Three weeks before the move
Start sorting out the contents of the loft, locked away cabinets and the garage. Look for someone to look after your kids and pets during the week or actual day of your house relocation to the W11 area.

pack the garage contents

Two weeks before the move
Start dismantling all the furniture in your house. Some removal companies may do this for you, so it is best to check with them when you are booking their services. Contact and arrange for the disconnection of kitchen gadgets. You may need a professional to handle this for you.
Get someone to read all the meters, including the telephone, gas and electricity. If you are planning to move your freezer, it better to completely de-frost it before the move as it is not advisable to move it in a frozen state.
Don’t forget to drain all the fuel from lawnmowers and start dismantling all other goods in the house including the green house, gadgets, furniture etc.
You may want to put up stickers on items that you don’t want moved.
If you have goods that you don’t use regularly like sporting equipment then you can put it away in a self storage. This will ensure that you don’t start cluttering your new house.

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The day before you move house
You may also want to take down the TV aerials and satellite dishes if you wish to move them to your new house. Any light fixtures or lamps can also be taken down if you want to take them along with you.
Don’t forget your potted plants. You can get advice from the agency on the best way to move your plants to the new house in Notting Hill. While furniture removals are also undertaken by most man with a van and removal companies, you need to make sure that you really need the furniture in your new house in W8. If you are buying new furniture for your new abode then it is best to put the old pieces away in a storage, sell them or maybe even give them away to charity.

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On the day of the house move
It is suggested that you put all your valuables together and carry them personally with you to the new house. If you wish to take the carpets along too then you can request from the removal company to undertake this task as well. If you are sending some goods to storage then ensure that you retain your important documents including your passports etc.

house relocation

Make sure that you provide the removal crew with address and directions to your new house and your contact number in case of emergency. You need to arrive at your new house before the removal van so that you can label all the rooms and the crew knows where to place the goods. If possible, do the labelling the week before.

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