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How to Handle Your Workplace Relocation in Dulwich

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How to Handle Your Workplace Relocation in Dulwich

13Mar 2015

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Is your business or office settling in new surroundings in Dulwich soon? If so, you’re probably going to need some help and advice in how to adapt to the process. Nobody expects to leave work one day, and simply show up somewhere else the next – moving business location is a far from simple process that demands a lot of consideration to conclude in a way that lets you get straight back into the swing of things, no matter what your profession. If not approached with the proper respect and knowledge, you could end up cleaning up the resulting mess for far too long. You could damage or misplace property, stunt the progress of your workplace or even lose valuable customers and clients in the confusion. Take a look at this list of things you can ponder before making the move:

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•    Discover your Responsibilities
If you are not the owner or manager of your particular place of work in Dulwich, SE21, you may not know exactly your role in the relocation. Are you expected to move and transport your office or surrounding furniture? Have phone lines been correctly redirected, and your clients kept closely informed of your changing contact details? You might find it helpful to make a list of things you need to do, and tackle it point by point. Scheduling things this way can be an enormous benefit. If you are in control of your business, and the one in charge of making such decisions, are you fully aware of what your new premises requires, and what may need to be purchased? If you do not own the buildings your workplace operates from, it would be prudent to contact their landlords. They’ll help you with access in and out to best facilitate your schedules.

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•    Get Stocked
Knowing what you’ll need is only part way on the path to an effective move. You’re going to need to also assess what you already have, and perhaps be frugal about what makes the transition in SE24. Some of your furniture or property may be obsolete or inappropriate for your new space! Don’t be afraid to restock things, but anything that may be coming with you should be carefully emptied and loaded with at least two people. Removal is a potentially dangerous undertaking – you put both yourself and the moving property at risk by attempting to go it alone!

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•    Storing in a Hiatus
If there is a period during your move in which you cannot use your old premises in SE21, and are still denied access to the new building, you’re going to need a good storage service. Only this way can you be sure of their safety in the interim. A quality service will provide secure and protected environs for your possessions – no matter how big the load! This can be more cost-effective than you might think, and can save big on having to replace costly pieces of furniture, computers or your own office supplies.

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•    Packaging and Transport
If you are bringing certain things with you, it’s essential you think carefully about how they’ll make it to the new surroundings in Dulwich. Again, expecting to take care of this single-handedly can often be foolhardy and lead to costly mistakes. Get in contact with a removals service provider for some quality industry advice. You’ll need a man with a van to help out with transport duties – such as physically driving your materials, loading it securely and planning routes effectively. Guarantee the safety of your furniture by asking about the best packing materials for the job too. If you don’t, your commercial removal tale could quickly become an expensive horror story!