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House Move to the SW3 Area with the Family

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House Move to the SW3 Area with the Family

12 December 2015

House Move to the SW3 Area

The London area with postcode SW3 is the area of Knightsbridge, Brompton and Chelsea. There are many selling points in this area which will easily persuade you to move your family there. However, you need to be aware of the challenges you will face with such a move.

Millions of families all over the world move house every year, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a tough decision to make and a hard process to go through. There is pressure and stress and there is a considerable budget required for a house move. A family has to plan its expenses, debts and what they can afford and start organizing the move months earlier. When you have children it gets even harder. First you need to find the right words just to inform them of the move, next you have to deal with their feelings of frustration, sadness or even anger and on top of that it’s crucial to find a good new school. Things get even tougher once you start packing and life suddenly becomes so hectic that your children simply decide to just stay in their rooms and not get involved in the packing process.

If you want to move with your family in the smoothest and easiest way you first need to find the best time for the move. If you can choose the moving date, then you should take some things into consideration. Moving in summer will be one of the best choices, as your children will be on school holiday and the transition to the new school will be much easier. Moreover, in summer they can play outside and meet new friends faster. Of course moving in summer is also the most expensive, but you need to decide whether it’s worth the investment.

There are move-related problems which you need to notice as early as they happen. These problems affect mostly children, but they can happen to your spouse or elderly members of the family too. Some signs of a troubled time are: loss of appetite, decreased social contacts, losing interest in hobbies, mood swings, change in the sleep pattern, staying at home too much, passive behavior. Of course it depends on the age of your children too. The younger the children, the easier the move will go. It can even look as a game to a small child – moving boxes, dollies, bubble wrap all around. For young children (age 5-8) the home is their whole world and if there is a change in their familiar routine, they will get stressed and frustrated. Moreover, if the young children lose familiar items, they won’t feel safe (it applies for friends and teachers too). Some of the ways in which you can help them is by: allowing them to pack a box of their favourite and most important items; letting them pick the colours of their new room; during the move staying calm and reassuring them that it’s all going to be alright.

If your children are in school, but not yet teenagers, get ready for considerable mood swings. The change of friends, school and neighborhood is like a change of the entire life for this age. Be understanding – every child takes a different time to cope with the change and adapt to the new home.

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