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Get Ready when Moving Home to London

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Get Ready when Moving Home to London

12 December 2015
Moving Home to London

Moving house is a real pain in the backside, no matter what size the move is. You can never get things done around that time, as you suddenly find the place that you base your life from has be churned up and your abode is a sea of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. This stress is only necessary if you find that you are unprepared, so getting things ready is paramount to making your London move a stress free success. Getting to know the ins and the outs of the move in advance will mean that you have no nasty surprises when the big day comes, as well as keeping you and your family happy and stress free.

As you get ready when moving home to London, the first thing you’ll need to be sure of is time. How big is your move? If you are moving a one bedroom flat, then you will likely need just a weekend to pack up your belongings, and perhaps a man and a van to get it all across to your new place, providing that you are not traveling too far. If you are going to be moving a large four bedroom family home, then you will likely need a few weeks in which to spend a couple of hours a day packing things and sorting out the transfer between the houses. Giving yourself this amount of time is very important, as you don’t want to have to emergency book time off of work in order to sort out all of the jobs that you forgot! You will also want to give yourself a good amount of time in advance to get your London removal company booked, as closer to the day of the move, you may find that the rates for removals companies goes up quite considerably, and that it will be a lot harder to find a company who are available on that day in the first place.

Once you have worked out how much time you need, write down a list of everything that you need to get done, and place them in to manageable chunks of time on a time table. Knowing what you are facing up against is very important, and knowing that you are fully understanding of the task ahead and the potential challenges that you face is something that will make everything much less daunting.

Follow your time table fairly accurately and there should be no problems, you may want to adjust timings as you get to know the tasks, finding that things take a bit longer than you expected is fine, as long as you make allowances for them from that point onwards, and don’t get things run over unless absolutely necessary. If you can get help form family and friends than accept it, as it will help you to no end. Make sure that anyone helping you knows exactly how you want things to go however, as you may find that you are constantly telling people how to do things over and over, and perhaps even re doing what they have done wrong!

Be aware of the traveling aspect of the move, you will need to know exactly what you are up against in terms of traffic and roads. Some narrower roads are too thin for a removals van to get through, so these things need to be worked out in advance. Parking is another important factor, you don’t want to find that you can’t have your van outside the new place, as it will mean that your team will be carrying things a long way in order to get them from the parking space!

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